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God Wins: A Gospel-Centric "Pride Month" Series

God Wins: A Gospel-Centric "Pride Month" Series

As most of you may be aware, June is LGBT Pride Month.  However, most may not be aware that June is also Truth + Fire’s anniversary month. (Yay! We’re turning 4 this year!)  Of course, this blog’s mission and the LGBT agenda are diametrically opposed.  Yet, I’ve decided to intersect our respective celebrations with a Pride Month series.

You read that correctly!  

From my thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Davis to answering some of my gay friends’ most pressing questions, all of Truth + Fire’s LGBT-related content has been curated into a single collection for your reading pleasure this June.

I pray you find this series edifying, and I hope God graces you to share it (and the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with your LGBT-identifying friends and family this month and beyond.

With all the peace and love God intends,