My friends say I'm funny. My boss thinks I'm a rockstar. My mom tells me I can do anything I put my mind to. My best friend of 20+ years says I'm a "mixed bag of nuts". My dog says absolutely nothing because she doesn't bark - but she licks my cheeks when she sees me, so I think she likes me. My ex-boyfriends...have mixed opinions of me. And some mean girl from high school once said I was stuck up, but "cool...once I got to know you."  (I still don't know what that means.)

But of all the things people say and think of me, I simply see myself as an observer.  I've always loved people-watching and attempting to figure out how the world works. Matters of Faith, pop culture/current events, and relationships tend to be the subjects that intrigue me most, as I see them as glimpses into to what life is truly all about.  I think the trends that emerge in each can be very telling about where mankind stands with his Creator - and I find that all so fascinating, hilarious, tragic and beautifully redemptive. 

Yes, I goes deep with it, y'all! And that's partly why Truth + Fire was born.  

Over the years, I've amassed so many emotions, thoughts and revelations about what I've seen that I realize I NEED to write them down just to keep my mind organized. Besides, there are only so many more super long Facebook and Instagram posts my friends will tolerate. (By the way guys, I've finally taken your advice to start a blog!  If it achieves any minor success, I owe you! If readers find me off-putting, I blame you for unleashing me onto the world!)

I have no idea whether anything I write will save lives or provoke the one thought that could one day change the world. But I would be remiss, in such a time as this (that rhymed), to have all of this "stuff" to say and not inject my voice into the marketplace of ideas. I'm told I'm a natural storyteller with a knack for dissecting the nuances of life in a humorous, unfiltered and compelling way. I pray those who read anything I write find that to be true.  


  • City of Origin: Atlanta, Georgia  
  • Education: Clark Atlanta University; American University  
  • Enjoys: Thinking; Making everyone's life easier; Thinking about how to make everyone's life easier
  • Loves: God and everything He loves; Being an Auntie + Godmother; Working out; Music; Dance; My dog daughter ;-)
  • Dislikes: Beans; Mean Girls (from high school, not the movie...I love the movie!); Bullies
  • Hates: satan (he's such a bum!)