Pro-Life, Pro-Logic: Thoughts on a Woman's Right to Choose

...I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”
— Deuternomy 30:19

“It’s a Woman’s Right to Choose!”

While they do occur, fortunately rape is rare, pregnancies resulting from rape are rare, and abortions due to rape are extremely rare. Even when one includes aborting pregnancies resulting from incest, that’s still less than 2% of all abortion cases. As such, there are at least 98% of women who’ve elected to abort for reasons resulting from their own choices.

According to the CDC, unmarried women account for the majority of abortion patients, coming in at nearly 90% (86% in 2015) of all cases. Further, the top three reasons for abortions across ALL abortion clients has been pretty consistent throughout the years. The women either 1) don’t feel ready for a child (usually because they don’t want to be single mothers), 2) don’t feel financially stable enough to support a child or  3) they believe the child would interfere with their educational and/or career aspirations. But, as one Instagram user rightly pointed out, there’s a double-standard at play here, as these sound like the same the same reasons men tend to abandon their parental responsibilities. When men aren’t ready to be a parent, they’re deemed deadbeats who should have thought of those things BEFORE getting someone pregnant. Society, through laws and social mores, dare these men to get over themselves, buck up and take care of their responsibilities ANYWAY - and if they fail to do so, some of these men actually face jail time!

Nevertheless, women not only get to abandon their responsibilities, they’ve been given full autonomy in deciding to murder them, and they are treated as victims if at any time state laws threaten or actually take this “choice” away. If we live in an oppressive patriarchy designed to oppress women as feminists claim, it surely doesn’t apply in the area of abortion. For if we truly want equality, keeping abortion legal should also mean the decriminalization of a father’s failure to pay child support and the abolishment of all parental responsibility orders.

If the aforementioned contradiction isn’t confusing enough, those who support abortion are most likely feminists who also support transgenderism. The notion that one can legitimately live as the opposite sex if they identify as such has led women living as men to claim that “men can get pregnant.” Yet, when advocating for “a woman’s right to choose”, this same camp claims that men have no say in abortion because men can’t get pregnant.  It’s a ridiculous line of logic to follow.

So, too, ridiculous is the false accusation that most, if not all, who are pro-life are infringing on “a woman’s right to choose” and threatening her “reproductive rights”. Yet, statistics bear out that at least 98% of these women already exercised their right to choose when they freely engaged in the very activity that leads to reproduction, and they reproduced. No one from the pro-life camp infringed on any of that. As they chant “Get out of my womb” some six weeks to three months (nine months in New York) too late - and at the wrong person, no less - one has to wonder how they honestly believe they haven’t already chosen what to do with their bodies. Moreover, how do they fail to realize that their bodies are simply doing what they were designed to do as a result?   I and most “pro-life” proponents support the notion of “my body, my choice”...until another body is at stake. We also support “a woman’s right to choose”, except we wholly reject the notion that she can rightly choose murder. For while freedom of choice is inherent to all humanity, our choices are limited where they adversely impact and physically harm another human being - and no one ever said that our choices were free of consequence (Deuteronomy 30:19).