Building the Wall of Truth: A Christian Response to Immigration (Pt. 2)

(Image: Nitish Meena)

(Image: Nitish Meena)

Since Donald Trump's travel ban was implemented last Saturday, the world has been in utter turmoil. Amidst the chaos has been a slew of "alternative facts" stating how Christians ought to respond. I’ve created a list of the top 5 most frequent claims that hit the Internet this week. And, for the sake of length (sense I'm a wordy birdie), I've covered them in two separate posts. The first two claims are addressed in Part 1

Now, let's tackle the final three.

Claim: You Can't be Christian and want to Build a Wall

Yes you can.

1- There will be a great and high wall (and 12 gates) around the New Jerusalem, the Holy city from where Christ will reign once He returns. (Rev 21:9-21).

B - God allowed his people to build walls around their land to demonstrate strength, protection and favor (The book of Nehemiah; 1 Kings 3:1,9:15; 2 Chronicles 33:14; Psalm 51:18).

There is nothing evil about a wall. A nation isn't evil for having one.

A nation is evil because it's people are evil. And the people are evil because their hearts are defiled.

As such, you end up with a nation of unrepentant sinners who are servants to their flesh. The only thing that is "un Christian" is a non-Christian and professed Christians who don't bear Spiritual fruit. America's laws and our culture tends to indicate we might be more "un Christian" than we'd like to admit. God's special protection and favor isn't on nations that violate His universal laws for mankind. It may rest on individual citizens and residents, but the nation as a whole? Nah. Such nations automatically fall into God’s judgment (Leviticus 18:24-27).

So, about that wall...

If a nation be righteous, its wall will be mag-glorious!

Except, America is not a righteous nation. Again, look at our laws. Look at the news. Look at our wars. Look at our social practices. Look at our television shows. Man, look at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We're a nation literally married to her sin!

IF we build a wall, it may not truly protect us or serve the purpose for which it was built. God tells us anything we do will be vain if He isn't serving as our heavy (Psalm 127:1-2). And considering that God's protection is not guaranteed to a nation under judgment, a wall could conceivably be leveled by our enemies.

So, the Right will be pleased to know that they can continue to desire a wall and not feel guilty for making that request. The wall isn't evil.

Yet, the Left may be be pleased to know that even if a wall is built, it’s most likely coming right back down. Because the nation is evil. 

And Americans, in general, should be alarmed to know that such a state is a terrible place to be with the Lord. THAT should be our concern. We’re fighting about whether we should invite more company over, meanwhile our house is out of order.  We should probably repair a few things before we go building anything new.  We should humble ourselves, repent and pray for forgiveness. I hope we do. But I don't see that being likely as we are not truly "one nation under God." We are a nation divided - and a nation divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:24).  So, what's a wall really going to do?

Claim: A Real Christian Would Pledge Solidarity with Muslims

Please understand that a professed Believer's single, solitary stand of solidarity is with Jesus Christ. And, as such, we are subject to His commandments and ONLY seek His approval and standard for righteousness. THAT is what makes one a "real" Christian. And being Christian, we are charged to avoid pledging solidarity to anyone or anything else.

Now, if one is suggesting that, as Christians, we should love our neighbors as ourselves and love our enemies, they are correct. But it doesn't require a pledge of "solidarity" to love and be kind to other human beings. 

Part of loving our "neighbor" or "enemy" ultimately entails illuminating Christ-like character and guiding them to the Gospel that they might repent, believe in Him and be saved - because, again, our solidarity is with the cause of Christ.

Second, a professed Believer's duty is to worship God in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). But there is a rise in professed Christians who are praying and worshipping with Muslims in "solidarity" - despite how this utterly undermines the truth of Jesus Christ in the process.  There is no agreement in prayers made along side anyone who says Jesus is not the Christ, as Christ is the very reason we can boldly approach God's throne - to enter His presence - and make our requests known (Ephesians 3:12). 

And in case some weren't aware, Jesus teaches AGAINST ecumenical or interfaith worship and prayer. He tells us plainly that He is THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life. NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT through Him (John 14:6). We can pray for virtually anyone. But we can't pray WITH everyone. Christians should NEVER take lightly the importance of going before God in Jesus' name. One actually makes evident their lack of faith in the Son, who He is to us, and what He's done when they pray WITH those who profess Allah, Muhammad, Buddha, Krisha, Mary, "Saint So & So" or whomever else.

Such "solidarity" is sacrilegious.

Let those who put their faith in those individuals/gods pray to them as they desire.  But as for you and your soul, you must pray in the name of our Lord and Savior. "For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Timothy 2:5). And whatever we ask in Jesus' name, He says, "this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son" (John 14:3).

On many levels, I have a sneaking suspicion that this solidarity movement is baiting those who are poised to fall away from the faith, let alone those who would most likely take the mark of the beast. They seem to be overly focused on being seen as a "good person" in the eyes of men - whether those eyes are their own or of another. But Christians are warned about seeking man's approval (John 12:42-43). Our goal is righteousness, which is right standing with God because we live by HIS standards. I urge those individuals participating in interfaith worship to wake up and repent - and to do it quickly! 

Christians NOT pledging solidarity with man-made causes or for man's approval is actually VERY Christian.

If Jesus were here today, HE'D help refugees.

If Jesus were physically here today, it would be the end of the world as we know it. National conflicts that create refugee crises would no longer be a factor.  Christ will rule, bringing an end to man-made government (1 Corinthians 15:24-25).   And when Jesus was here in the flesh at His first coming, He did everything for the sake of the Gospel - to call all to repentance that they might be saved through faith in Him (Luke 5:32). 

So, now that we know what Jesus would do, let's look at the true implication of that assertion: Christians should desire to help refugees. Christians should desire to do as they are convicted by the Holy Spirit. And, frankly, some unnecessarily worry themselves when they worry about what affair they believe we're supposed to take on collectively (Matthew 26:6-9).

The refugee crisis is but another sign that we live in a dark and dying world. There are a plethora of social ills with which Christians can be concerned, yet they don't ALL require us ALL to tackle them ALL together.  Some Christians have a deep concern for refugees, while some hold a deep compassion for the poor in their own back yard.  Whatever it is we are called to do, trust that each individual Christian will do it, and such a calling is between that Christian and God.

I also noted some claims that, "Christians should be outraged about the poor people in Syria." But one could raise them their unawareness of, or seeming ambivalence toward, the poor people in South Sudan. Or, perhaps those poor people in Chicago.  Certainly, some who are marching and protesting sincerely desire to help Syrian refugees. Yet, many may only be involved because it is currently the story ruling headlines and timelines.

One being Christian does not unilaterally dictate which specific social ill should most concern them. Honestly, they all might - and for such burdens we have the gift of prayer to voice our concerns to God. But, ultimately, our united focus is on helping others escape the sins which lead to these social ills. And we each prioritize our concerns against our individual convictions and purposes. All mankind have various gifts, talents, abilities, interests and callings. The difference is, in Christ, we have peace and a great commission from God that doesn't require us to run to and fro as the news and social media tell the public where to look next. Our focus is on the the cause of Christ, and our individual assignments within it, while we still have the time to carry them out.  

And, contrary to popular belief, it isn't the Christian’s job to save the world or eradicate all that ails it (Matthew 26:11). Jesus already died, was buried and rose for the sins of the world that whosoever believes in Him be shall saved. The ONLY thing ALL Christians are supposed to be "outraged" about is the sin that threatens to permanently separate others from the love of God; and the ONLY actions around which ALL Christians are supposed to galvanize are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being salt and light in a world that is passing away.


~ Veritéetfeu