Same-Sex Marriage Legal Under U.S. Law: Why Christians Should Chill Out About It!


Lookah here…lookah here!

Same-sex marriage is FINALLY legal in all 50 states and I couldn’t be experiencing more peace in my soul! Yet, my fellow Christian bretheren and sistern (is that a word?) seem to be downtrodden and rather somber about it, and I can't say I fully understand why.

From where I sit, today’s ruling made perfect practical sense and I knew it was only a matter of time.

Man’s law is an extremely interesting beast.  As an African American woman, I’ve seen how man’s laws and logic have helped my race and gender make at least a few gains in America. All mankind are indeed created equal and we should all, per our Constitution, have rights to equal treatment, equal justice and equal opportunities. If I am to benefit from these tenets which, when perfectly executed, grants EVERYONE equal rights, I understand there will also be times the law approves something with which I disagree. 

For example, in this country, we all have the equal right to free speech and religion, among our other 1st Amendment freedoms. I have the right to say I disagree with homosexuality and same-sex marriage. The LGBT community has the right to say they disagree with my disagreement. I have the right to profess my Faith in Christ. An atheist has the right to say they disagree that Christ – moreover God – even exists. That's the way our country works.

This is why Mathew 22:21 is one of my favorite scriptures. For those who don’t know, this is when Jesus famously tells the Pharisees to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's”. Some believe this moment in ‘Jesus Awesomeness’ was His way of telling the Jews to pay taxes to the secular government.  On the surface, it was. But we often neglect to review the latter part of his response, in which he also tells us to  “to render to God that which is God’s.” 

The Jews met Jesus with cleverness. Jesus met them with Divine cleverness. Certainly, if you know the Source and Creator of all things, you know that NOTHING truly belonged to Caesar. His claim to taxes was illegitimate in the eyes of God. If God chose to, he could wipe out Caesar’s entire empire! (As a matter of fact, I do believe the Roman Empire is a relic these days. I’ll need to do some reading up on that, but I think I once heard that somewhere.)

So, yeah, if Caesar wanted his coin, which Jesus deemed worthless in the grand scheme of things, Jesus basically said,  “Chile...just give it to him!”

That’s the stance I take on same-sex marriage.

If same-sex couples wish to marry under the laws of America (as prefaced by the Constitution), let them.  That is now their right!

As men and women of Faith, our job is to render unto God that which is God’s. God calls us His property, His sons and daughters. God calls us to give our hearts, minds and souls to Him. God calls us to offer our bodies to Him (mic check on those of us “doing it” outside of marriage…don’t get upset about today’s ruling if your own house isn’t in order). God established the institution of marriage – so that makes it His, and He calls us to dedicate our children to Him – to teach our children His ways.

So why is everyone losing their spirit? Seriously…why y’all mad?

We have to remember, as we’re always preaching, that marriage is a holy institution designed for man and woman to join together to become one flesh –to be fruitful and multiply. Marriage, as defined by God, offers us a practical view of how we are to relate to Him - Christ the groom and the Church His bride. No matter how man’s laws attempt to redefine marriage, change it, paint it, remix it, and it up and screw it, please have peace in knowing that God sees Caesar’s coin and he has already rendered it a wooden nickel. Mmmkay?

So, just to break it down for some…

If a same-sex married couple wants to file their joint tax return with a CPA who also happens to be a Christian, that CPA needn’t worry that she is disobeying God by processing said tax return. Do your job and get your money, boo boo. Mmmkay?

If a same-sex couple wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary at a restaurant owned by a man of Faith, he shouldn't feel compelled to refuse them service. Mmmkay?

If a same-sex couple wants to marry at your church or wants their wedding to be officiated by you as a Pastor…you have every RIGHT and REQUIREMENT under the eyes of God to respectfully decline, assuming your Church is a house of God and you are man or woman of God. (Remember, we’re still rendering unto God that which is God’s). Mmmkay?

I am SO certain there are 'a plenty' of you out there who disagree with my last example. But I want you to know I respect your right to disagree. In return, I ask you to please respect the tenets of my Faith. Mmmkay?


So, I say all of this to say: To my lovelies, let your soul be at peace. Extend Love and Compassion to same-sex couples just as you would any other couples. They deserve it not only under the eyes of man's law, but under God's as well.  

And, as a sidebar, can we all agree to finally start plucking these planks out of our own eyes? It's so hard to be righteously indignant and blameless when we have enough wooden planks to build a second ark! (Hello somebody!) We can’t go around telling two men or two women they can’t marry when we've been taking craps on the institution of marriage ourselves. We can’t boldly speak on homosexuality as a form of fornication if we’re fornicating as well. (Mmmkay?) I don’t say this to shame us into silence and condone a continuation of sin, but to call each of us to a higher standard of being and believing. Let's agree to operate as if we truly do belong to God! 

While I hope no one was offended by this piece, I’m no fool.

Come at me bro! (*aggressively smashes empty soda can on forehead*)

All I ask is that you keep your comments respectful, make sure your argument is clear, and that your grammar and spelling are on point (...unless you speak fluent Ebon-glish as well as I)! Mmmkay?

Wishing you all the Peace and Love God intends.

~ @VeritéEtFeu