Can You Be Separated from God's Love? YEP!

Can You Be Separated from God's Love? YEP!

Yes. You read the title of this piece correctly. One can most certainly be separated from the love of God.

You may even be prepared to quote Romans 8:38-39 to prove me wrong, but you’d be surprised to know that it is that very scripture that proves this assertion to be correct. Truth is, while God is love and God loves us all, God’s everlasting, never-ending love does not apply to everyone. Some people can become separated from God’s love. This truth is spelled out in God’s Word. The issue is most, even professed Christians, don’t venture to read it to fully understand it. So let's explore...

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This Sunday marks the six-month (semi) anniversary for those of you who joined your local church on the first Sunday of the New Year, so I thought I'd post this piece as somewhat of a mid-year check in. My goal is to encourage you in this walk because, as you've probably gathered these past few months, it isn't as easy as one might think.