Jen Johnson



At this point, most are aware that famed Christian poet, writer and speaker Jackie Hill Perry has recently and publicly affirmed the ministries of several female heretics. Amid news of her participation at Propel Women’s Activate 2019 conference, Jackie has garnered a slew of controversy as many have attempted to make sense of her decision.

There might have been room to offer her the benefit of the doubt for why she signed on to the event, and many were prepared to offer it. Perhaps she didn’t know much about the ministries of the other speakers, namely the conference’s co-founder Christine Caine of Hillsong Church Australia. Or, maybe she was aware of these women and their errors, but wanted to share the Gospel and offer up a public rebuke. Yet, Jackie removed all doubt with a recent Instagram post and Insta-Story in which she unapologetically confessed her willingness to fellowship and do ministry with those whose doctrinal teachings oppose to the truth of God’s Word. 

Where Scripture says light has no fellowship with darkness (2 Corinthians 6:14-17), Jackie cites her goal to better love her neighbor. Where Scripture says not to welcome or even greet those who bring a different gospel (2 John 1:10), Jackie cites a quest for “unity”.  While her goals may be Scriptural (Christ does tell us to love our neighbor and He did pray for unity in the Body), her application of these Scriptures don’t align with the context upon which these truths stand. Christ has warned us against sacrificing truth on the altar of peace (Matthew 10:34-36). Her twisting of the Scriptures in this way is most troubling and could be telling of deeper matters most, including myself, don’t yet want to admit.

So, in an attempt to be slowER to speak and quickER to listen, I’ve avoided saying much on this issue too soon, despite many tagging and messaging me for my thoughts on this soon after the news broke. 

While she’s done things and has had associations that have caused me great concern, I’ve still considered her a sister in Christ thus this news has only caused me grief, disappointment and frustration. As such, I thought it best to just collect my thoughts as anything stated too hastily might not have been coherent or edifying. So, over the past few days, I’ve examined my thoughts and Jackie’s statements under the light of Scripture. In the end, I have come away with the following open letter that takes care to directly respond to the various points she raised in her statement.