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Why I Renounced My Letters in AKA: Guest Feature

Why I Renounced My Letters in AKA: Guest Feature

In this guest feature, contributor Lily J shares how her faith in Christ led her to renounce her membership in the historically Black Greek letter organization Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. As she says, this piece is a long one, so get comfy!

“I used to be a member of AKA but renounced my letters back in 2016. I posted about it on Facebook & IG last year, and I think it’s important to continue to share my testimony with more people, especially since so many of my friends and associates are greek, some of whom are fellow Christians as well, but seem convinced that this was just a personal choice I made simply for me to honor God, based on my personal preferences but has no impact on them or in their lives.

“Today I want to tell you that it’s not this simple. This wasn’t something God called me to and only me. If you are a Christian, we are all called to assess where our salvation stands and whether it is being jeopardized or at stake with any of our affiliations and associations, so if me speaking on this topic again keeps just one from perishing, if it sets one more free, then it is worth me continuously repeating.”

~ Lily J,