"Then the Lord called to the man...'Where are you?'": Men on Abortion


After thousands of years of human existence, women remain the only gender (of the gender binary) that can biologically become pregnant with, carry, and give birth to another human life. As such, it is only natural and understandable that the female perspective is considered in discourse on abortion.  Yet, in the past 40 years, society has systematically and disingenuously presented the female perspective as the only perspective that matters, especially when that perspective is “pro-choice”. 

Sure, the very camp that’s long supported rhetoric like  “It’s a woman’s right to choose!” now also supports the “right to choose” of  women who feel they’re men (thus, per society, they are “men”) -  because, apparently, “men can get pregnant, too.”  But gender confusion and obvious delusions aside, the male perspective on, and a man’s experience with, abortion is typically silent and silenced. And with abortion in the news quite frequently in recent months, I’ve found their silence rather deafening - perhaps as deafening as Adam’s as he watched Eve eat the forbidden fruit. 

“She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate”

If we’d recall, Adam was “with her” when Eve was deceived and fell into transgression (Genesis 3:6; 1 Timothy 2:14). Perhaps he was thinking, “Her fruit, her choice!” Only God knows. Whatever his thought process in the moment, Adam failed to interject. He didn’t dare speak against Eve’s choice with the truth, and even he soon took and ate just as she did. When God asked why he sinned, Adam didn’t hesitate to blame Eve and even God (Genesis 3:12). Nevertheless, not only was Adam punished for listening to her, he was ultimately identified as the one through whom sin and death entered the world (Genesis 3:17-19; Romans 5:12-21).

While women are indeed assigned the role of carrying and birthing human offspring, we aren’t exclusively involved in their creation. As such, both men and women are equally and separately accountable for these lives, including the unfortunate (and wicked) decision to end them.  So whether men feel dismissed or have voluntarily removed themselves from the abortion conversation, it is incumbent upon them to finally speak up on this issue, especially if they’ve had their own experiences with it - and especially, especially if they’re strongly against it (as we don’t hear that perspective much from the “everyday” man). After all, women are now going so far as to “shout” their abortions. They’re now boasting before the whole world their decision to murder their unborn children! They have absolutely NO shame! And that’s a shame!

It’s high time men “shouted” back (so to speak). To facilitate this conversation, I recently asked a few men to share their thoughts on “a woman’s right to choose” as well as their personal experiences with abortion. While this was an open invitation to men of various backgrounds, the men willing to share their stories with me happened to be pro-life and Christian - though not all of them were pro-life and/or Christian when their abortion experiences occurred.  I sincerely thank these gentlemen for their transparency, and I pray what they’ve shared is insightful and edifying for others. Moreover, I pray their willingness to speak on this topic would encourage even more men to also share their stories.

Indeed, men, where are you?

By God’s grace, a few of them can be found here. Scroll below to read what they have to say.

*Images are for editorial purposes only. They are not of the respondents.*

We welcome more male voices into this conversation. What are your thoughts on “a woman’s right to choose”? Have you had any personal experience with abortion? Share your comments and stories below.

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